Shaun in town

Take my Local Crime & Community Safety Survey!

It’s a sad fact that under Sadiq Khan, crime is up all over London. The three South West London boroughs are no exception.

The figures are shocking.

In Kingston violent crime is UP by 191% under Khan. In Richmond and Hounslow the numbers are 102% and 52%.

We need action now. I want to hear your views about crime in your local area. Please complete the short survey below to let me and Shaun Bailey know what you think.

Your data will be used by the Conservative Party as part of our democratic engagement with electors. Where necessary, your data will be shared with Conservative Party Headquarters, our candidates and elected representatives. It will not be given or sold to anyone else. For more information please see our privacy notice.

1. Have you or someone you know been a victim of crime in your local area? If so, please give details below

2. How safe do you feel in your local community?
Very unsafeFairly unsafeAverageFairly safeVery safe

3. Of the following, which do you think should be the top priority of police in your local area?
More visible police on the streetsMore detectives to investigate ans solve crimesBetter victim supportBetter communicationFaster response timesBetter use of technologyBetter engagement with residentsOther (please state)

4. How satisfied are you with the visibility of your local police officers? 1 - very unsatisfied2 - fairly unsatisfied3 - average4 - fairly satisfied5 - very satisfied

5. The Government recently announced £172 million more for policing in London. How would you like to see this spent?
More police on the beatMore detectivesAction on gangsFighting cyber crimeOther (please state)

6. Do you know how to contact your local police team?

7. Do you know how to contact your local neighbourhood watch team?

8. To help us make our research representative, how did you vote at the last Mayoral Election in 2016?
Sadiq Khan (Labour)Zac Goldsmith (Conservative)Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat)Sian Berry (Green Party)UKIPOtherDidn't voteCan't remember

9. Thinking ahead to the next London Mayoral Election in May 2020, as things stand today, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following candidates - on a scale of 0-10, where 0 means there would be no chance of you voting for the parties and 10 means that you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party?
Sadiq Khan, Labour 012345678910
Shaun Bailey, Conservative 012345678910
Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat 012345678910
Sian Berry, Green Party 012345678910
Other (please state)012345678910

10. Would you be interested in finding out more about helping local Conservatives campaign for our area by:
Delivering a few leaflets locally now and againPotentially standing to be a local Conservative CouncillorHearing about social events and ways to be involvedJoining the local Conservatives as a friend or member

11. Many people find it easier to vote by post, guaranteeing their vote even if they are away or ill. Would you like an application to vote by post?